About company

About company

The life of modern man is not even conceived without the use of aviation services companies. The most comfortable and fastest way to resolve all issues related to the movement over long distances in a short time is to rent an aircraft.

Rental of aircraft - a relatively new but increasingly popular service worldwide. This is not surprising, because if something like that was considered earlier unattainable luxury, now afford incomparable pleasure flight may many more!

LLC "AIT" - a relatively new but rapidly growing organization that offers rental and delivery of aircraft and aeronautical equipment produced in Russia. Rental of aircraft and helicopters in "AIT" is the most comfortable kind of freight aircraft, because it is not burdened with the tenant additional costs for pilots and flight attendants, and has the ability at any time to go to your destination, without spending time on the reservation and purchase tickets.

Rent Mi-8 helicopters are interested in those who value their time and comfort. This model with improved sound insulation is designed for 16 seats. Soft, comfortable seat aircraft Mi-8 will make your flight appealing and effortless. Boat rental Mi-8 will allow you to express yourself as a man is a success and achieve your goals.

Equipment leasing

Our company, in addition to the rent to lease aircraft Tu-154, IL-76, helicopters Ka-32 T / A / AB, the Mi-8 MTV . Our airplanes and helicopters leased fleet up the leading companies of the market of aviation transportation. We have a direct contractual relationship and have a reliable partner in this field, which allows us to offer favorable conditions for the rental / lease / sale of aircraft.

The most popular among our customers enjoy leasing aircraft Ka-32 in its various versions. Progressive aircraft performance parameters of this model makes it indispensable to carry out the most difficult aerial work. This vessel can be operated at any time and in the most extreme weather conditions.

Sale of equipment

Sale of aircraft - is another type of service, which provides company "AIT". With us you can buy such aircraft as the Tu-154, IL-76 and helicopters Ka-32T / A / AB, the Mi-8 MTV-1. Our staff will make sure to select the optimal model of an aircraft that meets all customer requirements. Representing the interests of your company "AIT" helps save time on all matters relating to the sale of aircraft.

In addition to leasing, sale and lease helicopters and airplanes here you will find a large assortment of Aviazapchast in various modifications to aircraft. On sale is a D-30KU-154 , and 2-D30KP TV3-117VM / WMA.