Aircraft Sales

Clarify the final price possible on tel .: +7 (985) 991 40 91 or +7 (495) 911 69 79 .

IL-76 Tu-154 Embraer-120

It's no secret that the sale of the aircraft, the price of which has steadily decreased by a private company or a private individual had long been considered to be something out of the ordinary. Private jets are not only comfortable flight for different owners, but also for the transport of cargo between major companies, technologies which make corporate secrets or are not yet patented.

Own planes are at the service of many of the world courier services, postal services almost every country and a large number of other companies. In order to become the owner of such a machine is not necessarily to order it from the manufacturer, more would be preferable to test myself and staff on a more simple and inexpensive plane.

The company "AIT" sells aircraft flying with development of the resource. All machines have passed technical inspection and ready for operation. We offer different models of domestic aircraft Il-76, Tu-154. There are in our summer park and Brazilian Embraer 120ER - short-haul passenger aircraft and spare parts.

Selling cargo aircraft IL-76 and Tu-154 - is just one of our activities. We can arrange rental / leasing of aircraft on the site (airplanes and helicopters). Aircraft Sales, the price of which may be a small fraction of the price of a new car is made not only direct way of "money-commodity", but also several options for deferred payments, such as leasing, credit and installment. Specify the cost of each of the presented model can be from our experts: +7 (499) 682 60 78 and +7 (985) 991 40 91.

In addition to the sale of our company is constantly providing services for the diagnosis, maintenance and repair of aircraft of any class, regardless of whether they have purchased from us or not. The company's specialists have many years of experience, many of them at one time worked in various companies and airlines and all processes have more than insight.