Gallery: Photo of civilian aircraft and helicopters

Here is a fleet of helicopters and airplanes, provided Ltd. "AIT" rent, lease or sale. Thanks to flexible pricing policy and the cost of the rental fees for the sale of aviation equipment are lower than those of competitors.

The gallery features Ka - photo model Ka-32 of various modifications, which have a range of up to 800 kilometers in the daytime (Ka-32 / AO), or at any time of the day (Ka-32 / A). These helicopters transport people and goods both in the cockpit and with the help of external suspension. They have a high load capacity and maneuverability, can fly on land and at sea in any weather.

Presented as passenger Mi-8 MTV-1 with salons increased comfort for trips both business and administrative nature. On board there is a kitchen unit, refrigerator, wardrobe and toilet with wash basin.

Civil Aircraft - Photo TU-154 - for passenger and freight traffic are 30% more fuel-efficient engines than its other modifications as well as improved aerodynamics.

Transportation distant aircraft IL-76 can carry on board commercial goods maximum weight of 50 tons. It can be used in any climate and weather conditions.