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Mi-8 Ka-32

The company "AIT" sells the Ka-32 and Mi-8, including their modified versions. These aircraft often come to the rescue, but the need professionally. With their help evacuate the injured, carrying cargo, the carriage of which is not possible by other means.

Our company sells helicopters at affordable prices. We also supply spare parts, carry out repairs and maintenance of aircraft of different models, do pre-sale preparation. In the "AIT" you can buy equipment, having partially used resource. Each aircraft has passed technical inspection and ready to use.

The company's specialists will help with maintenance and repair of aircraft, replacement of obsolete equipment with more modern. We can rent a helicopter pad.

Site Directory is divided into two categories. One is dedicated to the aircraft MI-8, and the second - KA-32. The site does not indicate the value of helicopters, as their sale is associated with a number of nuances that affect the final price of the car.

What you should know before you buy a helicopter?

A couple of decades ago, the aircraft belonged to a very expensive means of transportation to be used as a status hobby. However, the situation has changed, and today, this unit is more, comfortable and safe means by which it is possible for a minimum period of time to get to any country.

The owners of these cars have complete freedom of movement. They are not afraid of any traffic jams or bad roads or dense forests. The aircraft on time and without problems will take you on a business meeting or in a remote village. It will make the flight comfortable, saves time and highlight the status. These reasons led to the increase in sales of helicopters in Russia.

Buying a vehicle, do not forget about a serious responsibility. That the machine is in good technical condition, the need for professional equipment that will constantly follow him. Do not do without special hardware platform or lease space on the heliport. Also, a helicopter will need to register.

Points to think about after the acquisition of a helicopter?

When planning to buy a personal helicopter, the price is even lower and become, but still remains at a high level, it should be remembered on the costs of maintenance. Over time, the need to buy and change the worn parts, the price of which is not always low. A lot of attention will have to be given the pre-preparation of the aircraft, because of its quality will depend on the most important thing - the safety of passengers and staff during the flight. Under the legislation, private aircraft must undergo maintenance only at certified companies.

Sale of helicopters, the price you can get by phone +7 (495) 911-69-79, carried out by our company for a long time. Therefore, turning to us, you can rest assured the best service!