Aviation spare parts for helicopter: swash tail shaft tail gearbox and others

Buy aviation spare parts for helicopter: swash plate, tail shaft, tail gearbox

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Data on Series 02 engines TV3-117VM

H and the sale or exchange for remfond (location RUSSIA and the United Arab Emirates )

№ p / p

Code / Number

Release date


Date repair ARZ


TV3-117VM ser.02 7087881200302



19.03.2012g. UZGA


TV3-117VMA 7087892000169



19.07.2012. UZGA


TV3-117VM 7087851503563

20.03.1985g. SOLD


19.09.2012g. UZGA


TV3-117VM ser.02 K788420787



23.07.2012g. UZGA


TV3-117VM 7087881200372



25.10.2012g. UZGA


TV3-117VM ser.02 7087883202334 rights



19.12.2011g. Motorsich


TV3-117VM ser.02 7087883202327 Lion



15.12.2011g. Motorsich

The company "AIT" sells aviation spare parts to the original origin of the Ka-32 and Mi-8. Every detail, including, tail gearbox and shaft passed a detailed check for compatibility and reliability. We use the verification system fully meets the applicable international standards. Therefore doubt the originality of purchased parts have not.

You are in search of the swash, tail shaft, the radio altimeter, the tail gear or other parts of the aircraft? Please contact us! We can buy spare parts for helicopter repair electrical, hydraulic, and pneumatic systems of the aircraft, special equipment and electronic units. Thanks to an established logistics system and control the company guarantees its customers supply of original spare parts, consumables and spare parts in the shortest possible time.

Experts of the company "AIT" has long been engaged in selling Aviazapchast for aircraft Ka-32 and Mi-8, which allows us to offer prompt and quality service and fast delivery at a convenient time for the customer.

We have a private warehouses on the territory of the Russian Federation, Ukraine and the United Arab Emirates, which store the items. So wherever you are, you can always buy Aviazapchast services, whether it is the engine, tail gearbox or tail shaft.

How to order?

The tail shaft and tail gearbox

Before you buy a worn-out part, we must find it in the catalog. It should be designed for a particular brand of aircraft. Once you know the catalog number of aviation spare parts, you can place your order and then wait for its delivery. Price details call our employees. When your order arrives at the warehouse, we will send you a notification. If you will not be able to pick it up, we will arrange delivery at left in the application.

To buy aviation spare parts for helicopters available in the warehouse, you will need to inform the catalog number. As soon as possible we will find the necessary detail that will allow us to repair the aircraft.

If you want to know the availability or price of the tail shaft tail gearbox or other Aviazapchast for Mi-8 and Ka-32, please contact us at the phone number listed on the site aero-kamov.ru. We guarantee a friendly attitude, the best service and affordable prices for its services. In cooperation with our company, you will be glad that chose "AIT".

We can buy spare parts for aircraft, including tail gearbox and shaft, perfectly proven in various countries around the world. Our company is now expanding the product range of spare parts for helicopters. Therefore, if there is the necessary parts catalog, contact the manager, and he is sure to help you find it.

Order aviation spare parts for helicopters in the high quality of the company "AIT" and your aircraft will fly reliably and safely for many years!