Technical Documentation

Every aircraft to allow its operation is required to have such a document, the certificate of airworthiness. This confirms that the plane or helicopter flight over the standards and environmental requirements. You can draw an analogy with car coupon inspection, permitting its operation for some time.

The certificate of airworthiness of the aircraft may be obtained in the presence of the following documents:

  • the flight manual;
  • Manual operation;
  • maintenance management;
  • documents confirming the right of ownership;
  • technical descriptions, forms, and has a passport, including accessories;
  • list of materials used in the construction of aircraft.

After that, the application is filed and all of these documents to the appropriate organization with the authority to issue such a certificate.

Newly built aircraft, since the completion of the production of all prescribed tests and inspections, receives a certificate of airworthiness.

A positive decision is made, if the vessel has a certificate types. In its absence, the Act requires assessment.