Performed works

Aircraft - this is not a car that can be stopped in case of breakage and repair. So, careful maintenance of such equipment - is, above all, safety. At the same time, monitor the status of aircraft and helicopters - is a necessary measure to prolong their useful life, which is very important for this not cheap technology.

Every aircraft that has the right to make passenger transport, very carefully checked. There are special rules and regulations of maintenance of the equipment, according to international standards. The organization "AIT" offers service and maintenance of aircraft and helicopters, as well as diagnostics and repairs of components.

With extensive experience and knowledge of our specialists in the repair of aircraft we can offer customers individual consideration of an issue. Comprehensive professional approach ensures the effective result of all of our services. Here you can get a full aircraft maintenance, models such as the Tu-204, Tu-214, AN-148, AN-158, SSJ-100, IL-76, IL-114, Yak-130, Ka 226, Ka-32 and many others. In addition, we offer high-quality maintenance of the helicopter Mi-8 MTV .

Maintenance of airplanes and helicopters involves inspection and repairs, if necessary, the following systems:

  • Management and obschesamoletnym obschevertoletnym equipment;
  • Electronic display and alarm;
  • Alerts and prevent critical conditions;
  • Restrictive and air signals;
  • Various modifications of these systems.

Future Projects Company

Currently, the organization "AIT" is working to introduce a new service - service of aircraft Su-25 SM and the Ka-52 and repairs equipment systems. Repair of helicopters, as well as repair of aircraft - it is not the only service offered by our company. In the near future it will be introduced for warranty services technology, which was developed by JSC "UKBP."

Beneficial cooperation

The company "AIT" has always focused on the long-term partnership. But even if you had to turn to us for a single work (repair of equipment), in any case it will be carried out efficiently and in full, and also finished in a well-agreed time. The high professionalism of the organization "AIT" can be judged by its constant collaboration with such partners as the JSC "SPARK", "IFC-technician", "Aviahelp groups", "Aviapribor-Service" and many others.

The administration and technical center "AIT" continuously working to improve the quality of service. We have all the necessary documents, certificates, technical equipment, to conduct a complete and high-quality range of repair, maintenance works and maintenance of aircraft and helicopters.